Netflix: Rosamund Pike’s “I Care A Lot” movie is ready!

The I Care A Lot movie with actress Rosamund Pike is finally available on Netflix! We give you more details.

What is the movie I Care A Lot with Rosamund Pike worth on Netflix?

Netflix is ​​delighting its subscribers with a new release this month. The streaming platform has just unveiled its latest film, I Care A Lot.

Available today, February 19 on the streaming platform, we discover a very original thriller and not like the others. This J Blakeson movie stars actress Rosamund Pike as Marla Grayson.

Her landmark performance in the film Gone Girl will never be forgotten. The latter shares the screen with Eiza Gonzalez who plays Fran. Dianne Wiest is also part of the game in the shoes of Jennifer Peterson.

We also find the familiar face of Peter Dinklage. The latter had played in the famous Game of Thrones series. Here he lends his features to Roman Lunyov.

So all these beautiful people have come together under the direction of the British director to offer us a dark and cynical comedy. The film is indeed a surprising thriller stuffed with dark humor!

But if at first images you think you’re dealing with a crime comedy like any other, that’s not the case at all. And the character of Rosamund Pike will not strike you as as likeable as his interpreter.

So what to expect from this new Netflix fiction? We tell you everything!

Netflix: the film “I Care A Lot” with Rosamund Pike is finally available!


In this new Netflix movie, Rosamund Pike stars as Marla Grayson. The latter is a reputable tutor specializing in the elderly and wealthy.

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With the help of a doctor, she had the courts decided to put rather wealthy individuals under guardianship. The young woman then takes the opportunity to extract their wealth. Notably thanks to her services, which she charges dearly!

At the expense of her clients, the young woman therefore leads a life of luxury. But one of his next victims turns out to have dangerous buried secrets.

So Marla is going to face a hen that lays golden eggs far from being naive! Between cynicism and greed, we discover a black and dissonant comedy.

It is with great pleasure that we find actress Rosamund Pike in a new role of manipulator. Facing her, Dianne West and Peter Dinklage give the Netflix film all its dark and comical aspect, sometimes even absurd.

The opposition of the different characters of the characters also gives way to some very crisp scenes and dialogues. Notably with the lawyer played by actor Chris Messina.

We therefore recommend that you watch this new film if you are looking for an intense criminal story full of surprises! I Care a Lot is already available on your streaming platform.



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