Netflix Review of “First Kill”: Incorrect Computer Graphics Distract from Emma Roberts’ Teen Vampire Drama


Netflix’s “The First Murder,” executive produced by Emma Roberts, starring Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis, was mediocre at best. An eight-part teen drama based on a story by New York Times bestselling author Victoria “V. E.” Schwab misses the mark for many reasons. Let’s unpack the latest vampire series for teenagers.

Netflix’s “First Kill” Was Mediocre

[SPOILER ALERT: there are small spoilers ahead for the first kill.]

“The First Murder” from Netflix is a love story about lesbian vampires.

“The First Murder” is a modern “Romeo and Juliet” about two unhappy lovers. This time, Calliope “Cal” Burns (Lewis) and her family of monster hunters fall in love with Juliette Fairmont (Hook) and her ancestral vampire family.

It’s love at first sight when Juliet sees her new classmate Cal. But with her heightened vampire senses, will Juliette be able to successfully sleep with Cal without killing her?

The series begins with both girls under pressure to get their “first kill”. Juliet’s vampire mother Margot (Elizabeth Mitchell) and vampire father Sebastian (Will Swanson) they want her to join the clan, having drained her first person of blood. The problem is that Juliet is not a bloodthirsty vampire, but a loyal friend, madly in love with her classmate.

Then there’s Cal, whose family also wants her to join the family business. She is more than ready to prove herself in front of her parents Talia (Aubyn Wise) and Jack (Jason Robert Moore), as well as older brothers Apollo (Dominic Goodman) and Theo (Phillip Mullings Jr.). But after she commits her first murder, will Cal be able to fix the ship? Not with a blossoming romance that upends the belief systems of both families.

“Teenage anxiety and lustful kissing scenes in “The First Murder” do not compensate for its soft execution.

At the best of times, First Kill is like a vampire soap opera with moments that will make you gasp and endings that take your breath away. Even in the most ridiculous moments — Cal and Juliet literally have a date on the set of their school play “Romeo and Juliet” — it’s not difficult to get into the plot of the “First Murder”. It becomes difficult to stay in awe of this.

In the worst case, the dubious computer graphics of the “First Murder” — especially the major murder of Sebastian (Will Swanson) — completely destroys the fantasy. Schwab wrote the story and served as an executive producer of the series for Netflix, so there is no doubt that the series has received her approval. Budget constraints were probably a problem, but questionable computer graphics detract from any scenario and game, no matter how good it is. Improved graphics could turn “The First Murder” into the next crossover of “Riverdale” and “Twilight,” especially with an unsettling teen drama and a lust-worthy cast.

Gracie Zenni as Eleanor Fairmont in the movie “The First Murder” | Netflix

What First Kill does well is rely on knowledge about monsters, which is admittedly confusing. Instead of the traditional TV vampire, First Kill presents the idea of vampire heirs who descended from Lilith in the Garden of Eden. The series also features various other monsters, including zombies and witches, all of which differ from their traditional media portrayals, albeit with some crappy computer graphics.

If you’re a fan of vampire love stories, you might want to watch “The First Murder.” However, be prepared to fall in love and fall out of love.

“The First Murder” is currently streaming on Netflix.