Netflix reveals Remaining movie release dates for 2022: “White Noise,” Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinocchio” and more


Netflix has released the remaining schedule of films for 2022, indicating several release dates for the long-awaited films, including “White Noise,” Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinocchio” and “Matilda: The Musical.”

Although some release dates are already known, for example, the long-awaited sequel “Glass Bow: The Secret of Knives”, the schedule lists all the remaining films that will be released on the platform by the end of 2022. This includes dozens of films ranging from action movies to anime, documentaries to dramas and much more.

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“White Noise” is arguably Netflix’s most anticipated upcoming movie, and a recently released schedule confirmed that it will appear on the streaming service on December 30. Starring Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, Raffi Cassidy and Andre Benjamin. the impending apocalypse, dealing with the mundane conflicts of everyday life.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, which will be released a little earlier in December, will be available from December 9th. The classic fairy tale is reinterpreted in full frame-by-frame animation with the voices of Ewan McGregor, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton and others.

Another new take on the classic story returns in Roald Dahl’s “Matilda: The Musical,” which hits Netflix on December 25. The film is an adaptation of the award-winning play “Tony and Olivier” with music by comedian and songwriter Tim Minchin and cast. including Emma Thompson, Lashana Lynch, Stephen Graham, Andrea Riseborough and Sindhu Wee.

See the full schedule below:


Behind the fence (September 1) Love in the Villa (September 1) Ivy + Bean (September 2) Ivy + Bean: The Ghost That Was Supposed to Leave (September 2) Ivy + Bean: Doomed to Dance (September 2) Anthrax Attacks (September 8) End of the Road (September 9) Drifting Home (September 16) Do Revenge (September 16) Lou (September 23) A Jazzman’s Blues (September 23) Athena (September 23) Blonde (September 28)


Mr. Harrigan’s phone (October 5) The Happiest Girl in the World (October 7) The Redemption Team (October 7) The Curse of Bridge Hollow (October 14) The School of Good and Evil (October 19) The Descendant (October 21) The Kind Nurse (October 26) On the Western Front without change (October 28) Wendell & Wild (October 28)


Enola Holmes 2 (November 4) Falling For Christmas (November 19) Is black enough for you?!? (November 11) Capture of the Killer Nurse (November 11) In her hands (November 16) Christmas with you (November 17) Dreamland (November 18) Swimmers (November 23) Noel’s Diary (November 24) My father’s Dragon (November to be specified) ) Monica, oh, my dear (November is being clarified)


Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro (December 9) Volcano: Salvation from Wakaari (December 16) Bardo, the false chronicle of a Handful of truths (December 16) Seven Deadly Sins: A Grudge against Edinburgh, part 1 (December 20) Glass Bow: Knives Out Mystery (December 23) “Matilda The Musical” by Roald Dahl (December 25) “White Noise” (December 30) “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” (December to be specified) “Miracle” (December to be specified) “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol” (December to be specified)


Pale Blue Eye (January 6)

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