Netflix reveals new title of the remake of La Casa de Papel with an exciting teaser


Along with the news released a few months ago of the end of filming on the long-awaited Korean remake of La Casa de Papel and the release last November 2021 of a video with some comments from actor Park Hae Soo, who will give life to Berlin, this 17 January was the best time for the Netflix platform to decide to release the first teaser on social networks, showing not only the images of the characters that we will see on screen, but also the full title with which it will differ from the original series.

One year after the creator of La Casa de Papel, Álex Pina, revealed that he was excited with the news of the start of production of the remake of the famous Spanish series, the first teaser of the new story makes its way with other talented thieves under the direction of a criminal mastermind, made exclusively for the Netflix platform with Korean talent. For now it will bear the English title of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, which in Spanish would translate as La Casa de Papel: Corea- Joint Economic Area.

When it became official that a new version of La Casa de Papel would also appear on the screen, the expectations of lovers of Asian productions increased when the cast that would interpret it was confirmed. Actor Yoo Ji Tae will play The Professor, Park Hae Soo from The Squid Game will play Berlin, actress Jun Jong Seo will appear as Tokyo (the narrator of the story), while Lee Won Jong will play Moscow. The remembered villain of Flower of Evil, Kim Ji Hun agreed to play Denver, model and actress Jang Yoon Ju will play the character of Nairobi, Lee Hyun Woo will play Rio, Kim Ji Hoon will play Helsinki and Lee Kyu Ho will play Oslo.

We will also see Kim Yun Jin in the role of Raquel in the original series but this time with the name of Seon Woo Jin, Kim Sung Oh in the character of Captain Cha Moo Hyuk, we will see Park Myung Hoon as Jo Young Min and Lee Joo. Bin will play Yoon Mi Seon. On the other hand, actress Im Ji Yeon will play a new character named Seoul. Most finally seen in their characters, after the Netflix platform released the most recent and exciting update of the version of La Casa de Papel still without an official release date.

Under the script of the writer of Psychopath Diary, Ryu Yong Jae, the direction of Kim Hong Sun, remembered for the K-Dramas Voice and Black, the little information that is known about the new version of La Casa de Papel is that it will have between 12 to 16 episodes and that its approximate release date is expected for the first quarter of this year 2022. Something that has been indirectly confirmed with the release of the teaser.

Apparently The Professor (Yoo Ji Tae) will develop feelings for Tokyo (Jeon Jong Seo), they will start a secret relationship despite the rule that prohibits the contestants from fraternizing, while Rio (Lee Hyun Woo) will introduce himself as a computer expert. of the deep web, who began his career as a hacker at a very young age.