Netflix Reportedly Wants to Drop the Binge Release Model


Netflix reportedly wants Netflix to create and make a name for itself thanks to its binge-watching culture. Releasing all shows at once on the platform to maximize engagement and the number of hours watched has always been at the top of the service’s streaming strategy. However, over the past few years, more streaming services have started to appear, and many of them have started offering their own original content that was previously mostly owned by Netflix.

Platforms such as Disney Plus, which offers many original MCU-related programs, Hulu, where the hugely successful prequel Predator Prey recently premiered, and Prime Video, home of the new Lord of the Rings spin—off Rings of Power, are just some of them. popular competitors of the Netflix service offering in-demand original content. Now that Netflix has announced that they will offer a cheaper ad-supported subscription in 2023, it seems that the company may try to abandon the binge-watching model for some shows.

In the latest issue of the Puck Newsletter, Matthew Belloni noted that although Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had previously been categorically opposed to abandoning the overeating model, he may have recently started coming up with the idea of weekly episode releases. Belloni states in the newsletter that Reed “seemed unwilling to give up the overeating model because he didn’t need or want it. Now it looks like he’s doing it.”

Recently, the company has been experimenting with different release formats with some key shows. For example, the 4th season of “Very Strange Things” and the 4th season of “Ozark” were added to the platform in two parts, leaving viewers in suspense before the finale. Using this strategy is a smart way to create hype and word of mouth about the releases, and moving to more weekly episode releases for some shows can help the company achieve more advertising and participation in the show, giving the audience more time to theorize and more time to think. stay up to date with the latest releases.

Viewers have been voicing a desire to release more weekly issues on the platform for some time, and although some reality shows such as Nailed It! follow this model, and most scripted content doesn’t. Although nothing has been officially confirmed from Netflix yet, the fact that this idea is being put forward at all is a sign of potential changes on the horizon for the service, as streaming wars continue online, the platform increases the number of cancellations on the service, and Netflix sees the number of views and subscribers falling.refuse from the Binge release model


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