Netflix Releases Trailer of Last 5 Episodes Of La Casa De Papel


La Casa de Papel, one of the most popular TV series in the world, is here with the trailer of the last 5 episodes. Fans’ expectations are high for the episodes that will air on December 3. Netflix, which is one of the first places we go when we want to watch an online series or movie, attracted a huge community to its platform with the La Casa de Papel series, which we came across in 2017. Fans, who watched the series breathlessly from the first episode to the last episode, were curious about what will be presented in the last episodes of the series.

Now, Netflix has shared the trailer of the last 5 episodes of the series on its YouTube channel. When we look at the trailer, where the action-packed scenes are shown briefly, we can predict that emotional scenes will take a big place in addition to the plenty of action.

If the professor took the gun in his hand, the problem is big:

Some of the fans of the series say that the emotional scenes take up too much space in the drama and they want it to be compensated for in the last 5 episodes. Another group argues that emotional scenes fill certain gaps and therefore are a critical element of the series.


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