Netflix Releases The Hottest La Casa de Papel: Korea’s First Official Video


Netflix released the first official announcement of La Casa de Papel with its video. The new version of the series, in which the characters we know are played by different actors, will be watched on Netflix very soon.
La Casa de Papel, Netflix’s series that ravaged a period, said goodbye to its fans by making a final in the past few days. Since the day it started to be broadcast, the series has not only been liked very much, but special costumes and add-ons have been removed in the games. A surprise announcement came from Netflix, which could not shelve such a popular series so easily.

Announcing that they are planning to release a series of the very popular character of the series, Berlin, Netflix announced that Berlin can be published in 2023. Now we have another new development. The official announcement of La Casa de Papel: Korean drama was made by Netflix, with the video released with the sentence “Choose your city name, put on your mask, get ready to meet the crew”.

Here is La Casa de Papel: First images from Korea
Most of the names of the legendary cast of La Casa de Papel appear in the new series. We will wait and see whether the plot and the handling of the events will be exactly the same or if different topics will be covered. You will be able to watch the new series on Netflix very soon, but there is no definite release date yet.

It seems like it would be a little strange to see different actors play the characters we know. We know the series, the names of the characters are familiar, but they do not look like our Professor, Tokyo or Berlin. I guess we’ll have to get used to it. We will wait and see what the fans of the series will think about this issue and whether the new series will be as popular as the previous version. Maybe all we have to do is give it a chance and sit in front of our screens.