Netflix releases movie trailer with Bear Grylls


Netflix released the trailer for Animals on the Loose: A You Vs. Wild Movie, an interactive survival film derived from the adventures of Bear Grylls (voiced by Wendel Bezerra) in hostile places on the planet. The production is the result of an agreement between him and the streaming service, for the elaboration of two special projects based on the public’s choice for the development of the story.

The feature will follow the molds of the Você Radical series, composed of eight episodes and released in 2019. In the new challenge, Grylls will investigate a mysterious breach in the fence of a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa. Viewers will have to guide him to overcome adversities over three missions: rescue a baboon; track a lion; and fix the fence before more animals leave the site.

“Many of the choices led me to a disastrous survival situation that was entirely new to me and that is the fun part. While developing the production, we saw that we could create some pretty crazy scenarios for viewers to discover, ”said Grylls, in an interview with The Wrap, before the series premiered. Check out the video:

At the time, he also confirmed that he was aware that some viewers will do their best to kill him in interactive adventures. “This is what I was concerned about. I’m not sure I like the feeling, ”he said. However, the program’s producers guaranteed the security of the presenter during all recordings.

“You could make the show as extreme as you wanted and it could be very dangerous for the host. Furthermore, with Netflix, we didn’t want to portray a deadly flaw for him. When a tragedy was near, we asked Bear if he could escape the situation, and in some cases we filmed a rescue sequence to get him out of this scenario, ”revealed producer Rob Buchta to Vulture in 2019.

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Você Radical – Safari will last 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the audience’s different choices, and will arrive on the streaming platform on February 16. Details on the second Bear Grylls special have yet to be released.


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