Netflix released the track “TouDoum” with KronoMuzik!


It’s heavy, what Netflix has just laid out for us! Indeed, the giant of SVoD starts to sing and produces a song: “Toudoum”!

All in all, this is the noise of the year 2020! “TouDoum”, this iconic Netflix sound has the right to its own song. A title we owe to KronoMuzik.

Netflix has worked hard this time … Indeed, after offering us an audio option to do something else on his smartphone, the giant begins to sing.

And to push the song, the SVoD giant called on a singer of genius. This is KronoMuzik, who came up with this song featuring the famous “TouDoum”.

Toudoum Toudoum… But what are we talking about? You do not know ? Yes, we tell you about that iconic noise that we hear every episode of our favorite series.

The Crown, Queen’s Gambit, The Witcher, La Casa de Papel… Whatever the program, you can’t miss it, so don’t pretend to ignore it.

Especially since it will now haunt your ears, because of KronoMuzik. So the composer used the sound of Netflix to make it a hit we are going to love to hate.


It all started on social networks, when the young composer mentioned the French Netflix account. Picking the curiosity of the firm with the red logo, he was able to unveil his sound.

“All year round, it’s toudoum, toudoum, toudoum…” So that’s the heady chorus of sound. All against a backdrop of jingle bells and a very chill instrument.

“Like Casa de Papel, Spanish, LV2” … Minimalist, this sound in honor of Netflix is ​​punctuated with many punchlines and references to our favorite series. A good lover sound!

The clip is just as likely to seduce you, after all. Maybe you’ll see one of your favorite shows there? What is certain is that you are going to hate us for putting it into your head.


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