Netflix Raises Prices: New Rates, Plans And Upload Dates


Netflix: In October 2017, Netflix announced by surprise a sudden price increase in its services, keeping the same price in the Basic Plan but raising them in the others. And that was how things remained until two years later, when in a pre-pandemic 2019 that now seems very far away, in June of that year, we had the second Netflix price increase in Spain. Again the basic plan remained unchanged and the Standard and Premium went up.

And it seems that the price increases on the platform are due both to competition and to a bi-annual seasonality, because again 2 years later, in October 2021, we have here a new Netflix price increase. And what bothers the most is that they do not give anything new in return: Same service but more expensive.

Netflix price rise in Spain in 2021

Already confirmed officially, this is the thing:

Basic Plan (without HD, one screen at a time): 7.99 euros (does not change)
Standard Plan (with HD, 2 simultaneous screens): goes from € 11.99 to € 12.99 (+ € 1)
Premium plan (with Ultra HD, 4 simultaneous screens): goes from € 15.99 to € 17.99 (+ € 2)
As we say, this rise does not entail any change in the service, only in what is paid. You still have exactly the same as before the climb but more expensive. According to the company, this increase will serve “to reflect the improvements in our catalog of series and films, as well as the quality of our service”, which must face rivals such as Disney + or the upcoming HBO MAX. So let’s wait for that extra money to translate into more of the platform’s own productions.


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