Netflix raffles a thousand-month subscription to its service


For those who do not know, before being the one who popularized TV after streaming Netflix began in business as the first online video store in history in 1998, at the time when DVD began to establish itself in the market. With 30 employees and a first catalog of 925 titles, Netflix sent and received the movies on DVD through the American Postal Service.

And although he went through his bad times, he managed to recover and see how the year after the dotcom bubble, it was back on track.

Subscribed for a thousand months to Netflix

Where will we be in 2103? Will the human race continue to watch Netflix? Will the world continue to exist? Will Netflix become one of those William Gibson-like mega-corporations? The technology streaming through a TV will have become prehistoric? It is impossible to know how the world of 2103 will be, but Netflix is ​​willing to risk it by giving away an account that will allow whoever wins it to be subscribed until that year. Because it is an 83-year subscription account.

To celebrate the launch of the new Netflix action movie ‘The Old Guard’ starring Charlize Theron, the VOD service announces a national competition in the United States for a “Netflix Immortal Account” that lasts 1,000 months, or whatever It is the same: 83 years.

The old guard

How do you win? For Neflix has assembled a small action web browser minigame based on the film where you play under a zenith perspective as an immortal wielding a Labrys and defeating hordes of enemies. Dying only slows you down, so to get the highest score, you have to defeat the enemies without hitting them, and as fast as possible.

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The competition will take place over three days, starting today, Friday 17 from 17:00 Spanish time, until next Sunday 19, on the web, who reigns as number 1 once the timer three days runs out, Immortals Netflix Account * will be taken home. The bad? as we review again, it is a contest only for the United States. And although if you live outside the country you are already disqualified on the spot, that does not mean that you cannot play a few games.


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