Netflix Publishes Video With 2022 Series Releases; look!


Netflix: The @NetflixGeeked Twitter account has just previewed all the releases we’ll see on the streaming platform next year, including new seasons of hit shows like Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy, as well as new additions like the Resident Evil series and more.

As expected because of the pandemic, many famous Netflix series were forced into longer hiatuses to preserve the health of the production team. This was the case with Stranger Things, for example, which will have its fourth season released in 2022.

But the company’s most famous series and Umbrella Academy weren’t the only ones with new seasons confirmed: we have Locke & Key, Alice in Borderland and Raising Dion. Other interesting news are fresh series, which before had only been confirmed without much detail.

This is the case of Resident Evil, The Cuphead Show!, Magic: The Gathering, The Sandman, Vikings: Valhalla and The Witcher: Blood Origin, which will also be in the catalog in 2022.

Check out the full list:

Video game fans will relish the arrival of spin-off The Witcher: Blood Origin, which tells the story 1,200 years before the chronology we saw in the original series; The Cuphead Show!, an animation inspired by the game launched in 2017 and expanding the story of Cuphead and Mugman; Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, an animated series that follows a young mercenary trying to survive in a city of the future; in addition to Resident Evil, a series adapted from the success story of games.

And for the less game-based series enthusiast, there’s Neil Gaiman’s famous fantasy series The Sandman, a horror show called The Midnight Club, and an intriguing vampire novel titled First Kill.

And that’s just part of Netflix’s release list for 2022. The next year, it seems, promises to be quite promising for fans most eager for new content and, of course, longing for their favorite series.

Which news are you most looking forward to seeing?