Netflix publishes the long list of its 100 must-see series!


On its Twitter account, Netflix has just unveiled a list of 100 must-see series at least once in your life. What to take care of?

It’s only been 2 weeks since we are reconfigured and you are having trouble? Rest assured, Netflix will give you a little balm in the heart. As always, the streaming platform knows how to please its customers. She has just proven it once again by unveiling a list of 100 must-see series.

Whether it’s a mini-series, or a series with multiple seasons, you should have plenty to do. Indeed, if you have never seen Breaking Bad, for example, know that it could keep you going until the end of confinement. Unless you devour the series watching 5-6 episodes a day.

Yet, surprising as it is, Vince Gilligan’s series is not part of Netflix’s long list of must-see series… Tastes and colors are different for everyone. On the other hand, there is a creation of the director who is part of it: Better Call Saul. The spin-off dealing with the life of the most famous defense lawyer.

As for the rest of the series to see, know that you have a lot of choices. It ranges from the cartoon to the darkest series. History that everyone can find their account.

But then what does Netflix offer us other than the creations mentioned above? Rest assured, you will be able to discover the complete list.


No, it will not be detailed in this article. You can imagine that we would need 3 pages to be able to share everything with you. On the other hand, the streaming platform had the good idea to post a photo with all the series in the ranking.

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Kind of like when Netflix announces upcoming releases this month. So you can see which creations you haven’t seen yet and which you absolutely must see.

House of Cards, Family Business, Elite, The Crown, Stranger Things… Just as many series which are part of the ranking and which you have already heard about. Unless you live in a cave?

In any case, we must salute the gesture of Netflix which, thanks to this classification, allows us to know how to occupy ourselves during the confinement.


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