Netflix pronounces on series cancellations in streaming


News about series cancellations always has an impact, as viewers often feel frustrated. And Netflix has been criticized for just that; many people do not understand certain decisions of the streaming company. After all, shows like Sabrina’s Dark World, GLOW and Altered Carbon have built up a good fan base, but have nonetheless been canceled in recent months.

Therefore, when attending this week’s Paley International Council Summit, executives Bela Bajaria and Ted Sarandos stressed that Netflix renews about 67% of the series – industry standard metric -, but that canceling productions is always painful, regardless of the context.

“We also do a lot of productions in Season 1 [instead of pilot], which can sometimes give the feeling that we have a lot of cancellations, but the renewal rate is really high,” explained Bajaria.

In the sequel, she even cited The Crown, The Ranch and Grace & Frankie as examples of Netflix’s longest running shows. “We will always have shorter productions and others that go on for several seasons,” he concluded.

Netflix business model

In turn, Sarandos said that the streaming world requires a different business model than it was done before. “In the past, anything that didn’t make it to 100 episodes or more than 4 seasons didn’t look like a success. However, I believe that many programs can be successful because they are exactly as they are, having the story told in two, one or five seasons. I think [cancellations] are much talked about because they are measured in comparison to the old way of doing things ”, analyzed the executive.

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