Netflix producer “Ultimatum” tells how the second season turned into a brand new spin-off


The dating show has found a different angle.

Back in the spring, between the seasons of “Love is Blind”, the universe of dating shows in metal glasses presented another series for those who have a Netflix subscription, with an “Ultimatum: get married or leave.” The reality show told about five couples who had already taken place, who were at a crossroads, deciding whether to tie the knot. After the success of the first season, another season of Ultimatum was filmed, but technically it will be the first season of the Ultimatum spin-off. We will understand why.

The return of “Ultimatum” will be called “Ultimatum: Queer Love”, and Nick and Vanessa Lachet will not be the hosts of the series. Instead, there will be the star of “Sweet Magnolias” Joanna Garcia Swisher. The creator of the show Chris Koelen shared why such words:

Together with Netflix, we kind of decided to create a new franchise that has “Ultimatum: Get Married or Move On” and “Ultimatum: Queer Love”, and it seemed to us that it made sense to distinguish between them. There are small nuances in each of the shows. The shows are very similar in their DNA, but you know that having a different host or different versions made sense to us when we talked about it.

Instead of the next season of “Ultimatum” following another group of heterosexual couples, they will follow women and non-binary people, each of whom is at their crossroads in their relationships. Per Koelen’s interview with Variety, Ultimatum: Queer Love will largely repeat the same rhythms as Marry Or Move On, but since there are some differences between the two seasons, it was decided to make it a spin-off.

As a viewer of “Love is Blind” and “Ultimatum”, I found that the latter series is much more exciting because it allows real couples who have been together for many years to evaluate their compatibility in an interesting (and entertaining) way. Love Is Blind can often leave us with more questions due to the fact that its members meet each other and say “Yes” within a month after meeting each other.

Mainstream dating shows in general have also been extremely heterosexual over the years. It seems that the series “Ultimatum: Queer Love” will demonstrate how queer relationships can differ from relationships between men and women. For this reason, it was decided to split the two series of The Ultimatum. Given the success of the show, I believe we’ll get another season of “Get Married or Move On” at another point.

By the end of the first season of Ultimatum, the participating couples received different results. One couple (Madeline and Colby) successfully reunited after each dating other people, and they have since married and welcomed their first child in May. Shanik and Randall broke up and got back together after the season, but they are not engaged yet. The other main couples who participated in the experiment did not stay with their original significant others.

We don’t know yet when the premiere of “Ultimatum” will take place: strange love”, but, as reported, it is now in the post-production stage. While we’re waiting, you can watch “Love is Blind” and the first season of “Ultimatum” with a Netflix subscription.


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