Netflix Presented the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Content Collection to Users


Popular series and movie platform Netflix has recently expressed its support for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. The company has now created a special content collection for this movement and presented it to users. There are more than 45 productions in the collection.

In the U.S., an incident had occurred in the past few days that deeply affected people. The fact that a police officer dragged a citizen named George Floyd to death had ignited the events in the country. After this incident, there was a stir in the country where protest actions began. After the aforementioned events, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ social movement was on the agenda of the country.

At the time of these events, Netflix was the first company to report its support from the media and entertainment companies. Netflix showed his support for this movement by tweeting “Being silent, being a partner to crime. ‘Black Lives Matter’.

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ content collection has been added to Netflix:

Netflix has now decided to take this support a step further, and offered its ‘Black Lives Matter’ content collection to its subscribers. More than 45 items in the collection; It will convey racial injustice and experiences of African American citizens to users. Netflix started showing this collection as a pop-up screen when U.S. users first logged into the platform from a new device.

Netflix, one of the biggest series and movie platforms, includes Black Lives Matter collection; 13th, When They See Us, Mudbound, Orange Is the New Black, Dear White People, was presented to users by adding content such as Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winning Moonlight movie and Da 5 Bloods to be released on June 12. Netflix resorted to such an application, especially in the US, with Black Lives Matter searches increasing.

Although this collection, organized by Netflix is ​​available worldwide, the pop-up screen only appears when US users log in. You can access Netflix’s Black Lives Matter content collection by clicking here.


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