Netflix is preparing a docusery on haunted houses!


The discovery of haunted houses fascinates people a lot. The paranormal too. Netflix has understood this and is preparing a docuseries which highlights these very particular monuments.

If there is one area that is a hit on Netflix, it is horror. We can, for example, cite the Marianne series which marked the return of French horror. The video-on-demand platform is trying to accelerate. Faced with increasingly numerous and consistent competition, Netflix must reinvent itself and innovate. This idea of ​​docuseries seems interesting from this point of view.

A program that would draw inspiration from Youtube. Indeed, on Youtube, videos from Urbex are increasing. A tendency which consists in going to abandoned or haunted places to visit and present them. Fashion that attracts millions of fans. And that Netflix has understood. And the platform wants to make this fashion grow.

But Netflix is ​​trying to keep this project secret. If we know that this docusery will be about haunted houses, we don’t know which monuments will be the stars of this program. Of course, the rumors are therefore rife. We are talking in particular about the Winchester manor. The house that inspired James Wan for the Conjuring films would also be in pole position. A casting of choice which shows that this project seems ambitious.

An inspiration that could give ideas to competitors of Netflix. No release date has yet been announced, so it’s hard to know more. But there is no doubt that the paranormal will have its fair share in the affair. And that this docusery will return to your nightmares.

So, are you ready for this new platform program?


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