Netflix Premieres: 69 New Series And Movies For November 2021


Netflix: The VOD platform that premieres the most each month, this November Netflix is ​​below the premieres it had in October -100 last month vs 69 this month-, but still there are many interesting and truly high-level premieres, including a film with 3 of the biggest – and certainly the most expensive – Hollywood stars today.

On November 12, Red Alert, the second Netflix film with Ryan Reynolds – after Michael Bay’s successful 6 Underground – and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and The Rock are released in an action film and robberies on stages around the world. balloon that promises spectacular bag and set pieces at the level of the Fast & Furious saga. And the 3rd arrives The fall will be harder, a western with protagonists like Idris Elba in which an outlaw seeks to reunite his old gang to hunt down an old enemy to take revenge.

As for series, the hooligan animation of Big Mouth returns and its serious issues such as mental health, divorce and the reality of many friendships; Narcos: Mexico also returns with a third season in which we will experience drug trafficking in the 90s, with Gallardo in jail, the Sinaloa cartel with Chapo Guzman formed and, in Colombia, Pablo Escobar beginning his narco-terror.

For fans of the games, Netflix continues with its animated adaptations (and live actions) and this month we have Arcane, based on the League of Legends universe and which tells the origins of characters that come from the regions of Piltover and Zaun. And without a doubt, the most viral noise will be the second season of Tiger King, with the return of the epic Joe Exotic and his feline zoo, being accused of having hired nothing less than a hit man.

And of course, season 1 of Cowboy Bebop, the strongest bet of the month with a live-action version of the popular Japanese manganime, a kind of national western with the bounty hunter Bebop and his companions as they go through the universe hunting criminals.


November 2:
Ridley Jones, the museum keeper, season 2
November 3
The Good Doctor, season 4
November 5th
Gloria, season 1
Narcos: Mexico, season 3
Big Mouth, season 5
Club Istanbul, season 1
The unlikely killer, season 1
November 6th
Arcane, season 1
November 10
Gentefied, season 2
November 14th
The Blacklist, season 8
November 15
Lies, season 1
Superstore, seasons 1-5
Archer, season 11
November 17
Tiger King, season 2
Christmas Flow, season 1
Cut along the dotted line (T1) Adult animation series
The queen of flow (T2)
November 18th
Space Dogs, Season 1
November 19th
Cowboy Bebop, Season 1
Heading to Hell, Season 1
The Mind, in a nutshell, season 2
November 21
Operation Ecstasy, season 3
November 23
Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2
November 25
Super Crooks, season 1
F is for Family, season 5


November 1st:
The Claus family
Jason bourne
A very legal blonde
A very legal blonde 2
Her parents
November 3
The harder will be the fall
Amina, the warrior queen
November 5th
How hard is love!
Love is a temple
Not all of us were able to mature
A cop movie
November 7
A father for Christmas
November 8th
Bad Boys for Life
The Curse (The Grudge)
November 10
12th of November
Red alert
November 15
If I were rich
Kuroko no basket: Last game
November 18th
Princess Refill
Earwig and the witch
Love without measure
November 19th
Tick, tick… Boom!
We have become extinct!
Love me anyway
The Addams Family (2019)
The sinister cabin
November 24
The Boy Who Saved Christmas
Peti Roja


November 1st
The Kardashians
November 2
Secret Field: Nazis in America
November 3
The kings of scam
November 8th
Conor McGregor: Notorious
November 9
Your life is a joke
Swap Shop: Radio Flea Market, Season 1
November 10
Animal, season 1
Love with surety, with Monica Naranjo
Nov. 16
StoryBots: Laugh, Learn, Sing, Season 1
Johnny Test: Meatloaf Mission
November 20
A new world, season 1
Blown Away: Christmas Season 1
November 24
Sunset: The Golden Mile, Season 4