Netflix: phones will improve sound quality


Netflix has just announced through a publication on its official blog that Android phone users are about to be treated to an interesting novelty that will further improve the experience of using the service.

This is the addition of support for audio codecs that are supposed to be able to deliver professional sound, especially when the viewer is watching your movies or series in noisy environments.

In the post, the company revealed the inclusion of support for HE-AAC extended with MPEG-D DRC or xHE-AAC, elements that, according to XDA, are capable of delivering “studio sound” on cell phones running Android 9 or higher.

That’s because codecs generally deliver better management over the volume of the media, providing clearer audio and a more consistent app experience.

Thanks to the continuous bit rate, Netflix on Android can provide this type of feature, as bandwidth is allocated where necessary to improve the audio experience.

In other words, this will also end up being staggered depending on the quality of the network connection, one of the necessary conditions to guarantee quality audio during transmissions.

It remains to be seen whether these new codecs will be compatible with that content that the user has already downloaded to view offline, as we still do not know if xHE-AAC will be available in this scenario.

Another important element in this equation in search of the perfect audio are, of course, the headphones. Using poor quality headsets doesn’t give much room for improvement, even in this situation with new codecs enhancing the audio.

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But according to statistics from Netflix itself, after the arrival of the new codec, people started using headphones 7% less, which suggests a simple improvement in the experience.


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