You (Netflix) or the perfect guide for the stalker on social networks!


You, Netflix’s hit thriller, a guide for budding stalkers? The series questions about our relationships with social networks.

The You series ask a serious question: aren’t Facebook and Instagram the open books of our lives? You just have to see how Joe goes about profiling his prey or his rivals. The Netflix series could even make us pros of online hunting .

Netflix delights us with its romantic thriller, You. The plot is simple: Joe Goldberg (played by Dan’s actor in Gossip Girl) a somewhat shy bookseller falls for a beautiful blonde and decides to track her on social networks. From the first minutes, Joe gives us all his manipulation secrets .

The more we advance, the more we wonder how far it will go. Over the episodes, we even come to agree with him. After all, Beck shouldn’t be spending so much of her life on Instagram. In any case, the series has something to question us about our practice of stalking. [Spoiler alert!]

Small private stalking lesson with Joseph Goldberg. From the beginning of the series, Joe, played by Penn Badgley, seeks to convince us of one thing: people should not be all about unpacking their personal life on social networks. Posting a photo of a kitten, its outfit of the day or the last avocado we ate on Sunday, it’s not really annoying. But by dint of always activating geolocation on its publis, we risk opening the door to anyone. You, the Netflix series proves it. Joe has no shortage of tips for digging into the life of the beautiful Beck. First negligence: the blonde leaves her profile in public . Nor does it use a complicated password to protect it.

The case of Joe in the You series is reminiscent of the story of Hugo. This young man told the Slate Transfer podcast about his obsession with his new neighbors. It all begins as a new couple settles down in front of his house. It was love at first sight, and the young man wanted to enter their life at all costs. He will then start following them on social networks. Like Joe, he will also watch them from their apartment window. He will even go as far as going to the church steps on their wedding day! Even if we are clearly not at the level of our favorite stalker, that remains to meditate.

You have something to disturb our quiet little lives. This romantic thriller by Netflix invites us to better protect our secret garden. With the arrival of Love, we also come to say that we must be wary of appearances. So it is proof that anyone can be a stalker. It can be you, me, your overly intrusive mother or even your neighbor to compensate. Sometimes you don’t even realize you are. We have all already typed someone’s name on Facebook or created a fake account to follow their crush on Insta. Do not lie ! It must be said that social networks push us to do so.

Stalker, in small doses, so there is nothing wrong with that. The whole is just not to go to the extreme. In season 2, Joe then takes a new start and settles in California. Aware that he has a problem, he seems as well determined to stop his obsession. So it was without counting on Love, his new crush. If Joe has a hell of a coat, we tell ourselves that Love is worse than him. As he resumes his old fad, we discover that Love too is a follower of stalking . Joe even ends up being afraid of it and being disgusted. It is this reverse power relationship that will therefore offer Love a happy ending. It’s a bit of the sprinkler sprinkled…

You, the guide to the perfect stalker? Yes, provided you are a psychopath! From the start of the series, Joe proves to us that stalking has consequences . So it starts with a simple “follows you” on Insta, and it ends with a pirated Messenger conversation. This is how Joe discovers that Beck, his girlfriend, cheats on him with his shrink. This is what will lead him to kill her, despite himself. We know that Joe, the hero of the Netflix series , does not have only bad intentions. He even manages to make us doubt and think that it is natural to act as he acts.

So let’s be reassured on one thing: typing the name of his crush on Google does not make us serial killers à la Dexter. We can see it very well, the Joe / Love couple is at the stage of madness. They don’t just track down loved ones on social media. They respond to much deeper impulses than seeing your ex with someone else. Joe and Love both experienced trauma that awakened their murderous impulses that date back to childhood . As is often the case with psychopaths. Birds of a feather flock together !


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