Netflix Party: How watch with your friends


Netflix Party is an extension of Google Chrome that allows you to join your friends online to watch Netflix movies and series. It synchronizes the displayed content so that you and others can watch everything in real time, with the right to a chat so that participants can chat in an exclusive room without leaving the exhibition.

To install the content it is necessary to have Google Chrome on your PC, since Netflix Party is an extension to be installed on the browser. Check out how to watch the movies and series with your friends:

Installing the Netflix Party extension

With Chrome open, go to the Web Store and download the Netflix Party extension. To do this, just go to the blue button on the top right, as shown in the image below.

Then, a small window will appear to confirm the installation of the extension. Click on “Add Extension”.

After installation, your Chrome will have an icon next to the text box with the URL of the websites you visit. If it does not appear, you can switch it so that it is always there. To do this, click on the icon of a puzzle piece, also next to the text box, and select the Netflix Party extension.

How to watch movies and series with your friends with Netflix Party

First, choose the movie or series you want to watch as a group.

Then click on the Netflix Party icon in the browser. A window will open with the option “Start the Party”, click on it to start watching with your friends. If you want to be the sole controller of the session, check the text box with the option “Only I have control”.

Once this is done, a new window will appear with an icon. Copy and paste to send to the people who will watch the content with you. Remembering that they need to be logged into Netflix, in their respective accounts, in order to participate in the session.

Once everyone is in the same movie, click on the browser’s NP button again to sync the video. Once it is started, you can also participate in the text chat during playback.


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