Netflix Party, how to use; watch movies with your friends


Due to the social distance we have applied against the coronavirus epidemic, we have moved away from doing the group activities we are used to and have become essences. Among them is watching movies with friends. However, you can perform this activity on the internet. Now called Teleparty, a Chrome extension, previously released as Netflix Party, allows you to watch movies with your friends and chat at the same time. With the use of teleparty or formerly Netflix Party, it is possible to watch movies or TV series remotely. We are conveying details about the answers to the questions of Netflix Party and how to do it.

The Netflix Party add-on works like this: You and your friends are logged in with separate Netflix accounts. Next, you choose a movie or TV show to watch, and Netflix Party makes playback synchronized across all accounts. Thus, each account holder is watching the same thing at the same time. Netflix Party also has a text chat feature. There is a chat window on the edge of the screen, similar to what YouTube offers in live streams. From here, you can chat with your friends in real time and comment on interesting moments of the movie as if they were side by side.

What is Netflix Party, how to use it, creating a new party

Netflix Party is a movie or series streaming add-on now called Teleparty. We are transferring the steps to start using the Netflix Party extension, which can be used on Chrome, and then watch movies with friends. We give the answer to the question of how to make a Netflix Party, follow these steps:

  • Download and install the extension.
  • Open Netflix and start playing a video.
  • The Teleparty extension icon in the address bar will turn from gray to red. Click on this.
  • A small window titled “Create a Netflix Party” will open. If you check the box that says “Only I have control”, only you will do things like pause or resume broadcasting. If you don’t choose, anyone will be able to stop the movie. Click the “Start the party” button.
  • This time, another window will open with the link in it. Click on the “Copy URL” text here and share the link with your friends. If you need it, you can find the same link again by clicking the Netflix Party extension icon.
    Netflix Party will automatically give you an icon. You can change it by clicking this icon. You also have the possibility to change your nickname.
  • Join the session initiated by using the existing Netflix Party

To join an existing Netflix Party, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the link that came to you.
  • Click on the Netflix Party icon.

With the use of Netflix Party, you can watch movies or TV shows remotely together. However, this add-on is not the only service that allows you to watch movies with your friends online together. If you want to see and hear your friends while watching a Netflix movie or TV show, you can also use the tool called Scener. Tools such as Metastream and TwoSeven also allow watching videos on YouTube jointly. You can also use TwoSeven for Amazon Prime Video.


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