Netflix paralyzes recordings, but guarantees content for the coming months


Netflix has suspended all production of its original series because of the new coronavirus. The head of content for the streaming giant, Ted Sarandos, spoke to CNN and said that the situation is unprecedented, but that this stoppage should not affect the company’s next releases. Despite this, the executive does not rule out that the debuts planned for the end of the year can be postponed.

“It is something unprecedented in our history,” said Sarandos. “What is happening now is that we work well in advance with the delivery of all episodes in our series. Therefore, there will be no interruption in the coming months, perhaps at the end of the year, as physical production is not operational ”.

Despite this, Sarandos stressed that the teams of screenwriters will continue to work and meet by videoconference. The goal is to have material ready for new productions when the situation is under control. “People are getting ready for the day when they can get back to work,” said the head of content.

Netflix’s position follows the same guidelines as governments and health officials around the world. The Falcão team and the Winter Soldier, for example, returned from Europe ahead of schedule. Productions such as The Batman, Fantastic Beasts 3 and the Lord of the Rings series, WandaVision and Loki were halted and major productions that would hit theaters in the coming weeks also had their releases delayed.

With so many stoppages, employees who work in these productions have become unemployed. To help them through this quarantine period, Netflix created a $ 100 million fund. The company also intends to do something to help professionals in the area in Europe, Asia and Latin America, where several of its productions are recorded.

Sarandon also stressed that this is a difficult time, but that it is important to follow the guidance of the authorities and not to leave the house. He said streaming services like Netflix are critical at these times.

“You can imagine, the content is available. It’s on Netflix, on CNN on television in general. The system has been very robust and can help many people. People are certainly watching a lot more Netflix. The best thing to do is to stay at home. We are working hard to help ”.


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