Netflix on the verge of increasing subscriptions in Europe?


After increasing the price of its subscriptions in the United Kingdom and the United States, Netflix could also increase its prices in Europe!

This is the bad news of the day … Netflix may well increase the price of its subscription in Europe in the coming months! An increase that will not please anyone!

After increasing its prices in the United States and the United Kingdom … Netflix would reserve the same fate for Europe! Indeed, an American financial consulting company has just predicted this info!

“We spend over $ 1 billion in the UK on films. Locally produced series and documentaries. […] Our price change reflects the investments made. The giant had thus announced. Statements made to justify the increase in the United Kingdom!

Netflix could therefore use the same excuse… And thus increase its prices in Europe! Indeed, the giant also spends large sums for the European continent … To be continued!


The Netflix platform broke a new record! Indeed, the number of subscribers to the platform has just exploded! Thus, with more than 200 million subscribers … It becomes the leading platform in the world! A great achievement for the American company!

With the release of Lupine which has boosted the number of subscribers, the platform continues to gain subscribers! In fact, the company recorded a 21% increase in turnover! Thus, it amounts to more than 6 billion dollars … A very nice sum for the giant!

Its success, Netflix owes it to a multitude of series that have hit the mark in the world! Indeed, there are “barbarians” in Germany. Then, “The Crown” in England… But also “Alice in Borderland” in Japan! And finally, Lupine in France!

Moreover, the platform has already planned everything for the future … Indeed, the number of subscribers may still climb! And for good reason, the giant still provides a lot of content! Thus, no less than 500 new content is in post production! Thus, success is not likely to run out of steam!


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