Netflix offers its subscribers to add new movies and series!


Netflix subscribers are going to be smiling. The platform has set up new modalities that could make them happy!

Good news for all Netflix subscribers. To facilitate the use of the platform, the company has therefore thought of a whole new strategy that may delight all its customers … even the most reluctant!

More and more of you are using Netflix (without moderation) during this period of confinement. Despite the dramatic arrival of “Disney +” on the market, the platform continues to explode its number of subscribers.

It must be said that their teams are putting the small dishes in the big ones to delight their consumers. And to reach all audiences, they provide an abundance of rich and diverse content. And that’s not all !

The distribution of the latest popular series is also having a small effect on their increasingly demanding customers. Like the saga “The Lady’s Game”. But also “Bad Banks”.

Not to mention the availability of certain feature films that we like to rewatch to the limit of reasonableness such as “The Spanish Inn”. Or even “Scarface”.

If Netflix can boast of being able to broadcast a lot of things … The company has also decided to bet on the practical side! You will see, certain modalities could well make you happy.


This Monday, November 16, the Netflix France team has therefore decided to act! Via this link – which you can click… All subscribers can now share all their suggestions on the famous platform!

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Thus, the group should establish new lists according to the expectations of their customers. After listing, Netflix is ​​expected to obtain the rights to stream – thereafter – the long-awaited content of their consumers. Class!

And obviously, they will be spoiled for choice! A nice marketing coup which obviously made the happiness of many Internet users …

In any case, it’s a safe bet that the group’s competitors will counter-attack following this charming number. To be continued !


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