Netflix: Noah Centineo to Star in New CIA Series


Netflix: According to information reported by Deadline, Noah Centineo will star in a new series for Netflix.In the production of espionage and action, the heartthrob of the For All Boys franchise will be a CIA agent. Still without a title defined by the streaming platform, the initiative is a partnership between the producers Entertainment One and Hypnotic.

Apparently, the first season of the project will have eight episodes, coming directly from Alexi Hawley, creator of The Rookie, who will also act as a showrunner. Besides him, Noah Centineo himself is part of the executive production team, along with Doug Liman, Gene Klein and David Bartis.

In the plot, the actor will be a beginner lawyer at the CIA who, at a certain point, will be involved in a dangerous and impressive case linked to international politics.

In the course of the investigation, serious crimes will happen and all this will have to be solved by the young agent.

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According to Deadline’s findings, the project was purchased at an auction a few weeks ago, along with other series that have yet to be released.

At the time, the production’s working title was Graymail, in reference to a term about the threat of state data leaks. It remains to be seen now whether Netflix will keep that name in the new production or choose another one.

It is worth remembering that Noah Centineo has stood out in recent years as a teen star, present in some films released directly for streaming. This is the case of the three feature films released between 2018 and 2021 for the For All Boys franchise, and The Perfect Date, of 2019.

Let’s wait for more news of this project!


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