Netflix | No more sharing an account away from home


One of the consequences of the confinement that we lived in 2020 and the current situation of curfews of the pandemic was the increase in the consumption of video-on-demand VOD platforms. In fact, last February Netflix reached 200 million users and its shares have risen almost 50% in one year.

Share Netflix account

Of the 3 subscription plans that the Netflix platform offers, the Standard for € 11.99 per month and the Premium for € 15.99 / month offer the option of sharing an account on several devices, up to 2 in Standard and up to 4 in Premium. But as the VOD service on its website reviews, “only people who live with you can use your account.” If you have an account shared with friends or family it is legal, although if it is not within the same house, it is not legal according to the terms of Netflix.

Last 2019, at a conference on financial results, Netflix CPO Gregory K. Peters made it clear that they were studying how to end the practice of paying standard and Premium accounts between several and using them in different households. And it seems that almost 2 years later they have found it, because we are already seeing measures in this regard.

Verification with verification codes

As we are seeing on social networks, Netflix is ​​deploying alerts that ask users to verify that they are authorized to see in the account in order to continue watching content. When a user selects her profile on a shared Netflix account, a pop-up will ask them to verify the account by confirming with a text or email sent to the account holder.

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Users can also choose to check it out later, in which case the popup will reappear at an indeterminate later time. If they cannot confirm that they are an authorized user, they will be asked to create a new account.

At the moment it is a test

According to a statement from the platform, “this test is designed to help ensure that people who use Netflix accounts are authorized to do so.” But for the moment it is that, a test limited to a series of users of the Netflix app chosen at random. Although it is also a proof of the intentions of the service so that your accounts are not shared illegally.

Will we see this measure become a standard check? Or will Netflix test new methods?


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