Netflix : A New Function May Come To Terminate Your Faster Series


Are you fond of Netflix marathons? Surely you have more than one series on your list that you have not been able to finish or that you doubt about starting with the numerous episodes they have, but it seems that Netflix has a solution.

If you want to finish the seasons in less hours or days, the streaming platform is testing a new function in the reproduction of content, we tell you what it is.

Netflix has included a new function for the mobile app, at the moment only some users can have access to the test, but it is the “speed” button, an option that allows you to decide if you want the video to progress very slowly or very fast

If you are a marathon fan, now you will have no excuse to finish the series in a short time, of course you can select the speed so you do not miss the important details. It is not yet known when the function will be available to all users.

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