Netflix: Naturo is subscribers’ favorite animated character!


Netflix posts a survey to find out the favorite anime character of its subscribers. And unsurprisingly, Naruto wins it.

Anime have been popular for years. On Netflix, some of the best known have been available for months. But from what we can see, the favorite among subscribers would be Naruto. It must be said that it has been around for a very, very long time.

And this Japanese anime fashion touches the whole world. After conquering Europe, he set out to conquer Latin America. So, Netflix’s official Twitter posted a poll a few days ago.

Above, Netflix asks for the favorite character of the most loyal subscribers. In choice we therefore find Naruto but also Aang, Saitamaet Seiya. But without appeal, it is Naruto who wins the poll by a few percent.

With 35.2% it is therefore at the top of the top. But closely followed by Aang (character from Avatar the Last Airbender). Because yes, the character is placed second in the ranking with 31.6%. He could almost have dethroned the little blond!


One Punch Man’s Saitama comes in last in the Netflix poll with 11.8%. And in third place we find Seiya of the Knights of the Zodiac with 21.4%. So, will you agree with this top? For us, it seems rather logical to us.

Once again, this poll reveals the tastes of Latin American subscribers. It can therefore vary depending on the continent. But we know, Naruto is often the little darling of all anime lovers. Indeed, it has existed since 1999.

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And since then, millions of children have followed his adventures. Of course, Naruto was initially a manga in book form. But later, producers brought his adventures to life to everyone’s delight.

In short, if you want, you can find some anime on Netflix. For example Spirited Away, one of the best known in the world of Japanese animation. In short, something to change from the usual cartoons.


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