Netflix: “My friend Adèle” is fascinated!


Why is Netflix’s new miniseries My Friend Adele so fascinating? We give you more details. Why are Netflix subscribers so fascinated with the new My Friend Adele miniseries?

The streaming giant has not finished surprising us. Every month, the platform offers its subscribers the opportunity to discover new programs.

Thriller, comedy, documentary … there is always something for everyone. Something to please everyone!

So in February, Netflix did it right. This month again we were able to discover the new features of the streaming platform.

Since February 17, this is a new mini-series that has fascinated subscribers of the streaming site. In fact, barely two days after its release, Mon ami Adèle is in the top 10 of the most watched programs on the platform in France! Just that.

In only 6 episodes, the new fiction from Netflix has therefore to charm the public. And since this is a miniseries, we warn you, you don’t have to wait for a sequel. Indeed, there won’t be!

So what is this new thriller from the streaming giant about? My friend Adèle stages the strange story of a love triangle, a threesome to be more precise.

This miniseries with a more than intriguing storyline comes to us from Great Britain. It is also signed Steve Lightfoot. The latter is the author of the Hannibal series released in 2013 which tells the story of the famous Hannibal Lecter!

My friend Adèle promises us some chills! We tell you more.

Netflix: the miniseries “My friend Adèle” fascinates despite an astonishing ending!


The new Netflix miniseries, My Friend Adele is adapted from the novel Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. His novel had caused a lot of ink to flow in 2017. Notably because of its controversial ending!

The new fiction is therefore a mysterious adultery thriller. We discover the life of Louise, a single mother who becomes the mistress of her boss, the psychiatrist David Ferguson.

The young woman ends up meeting his wife. Louise therefore approaches Adèle, a woman with a very disturbing personality.

A threesome story begins, interspersed on the screen with flashbacks, erotic scenes and dreamlike sequences. In the cast of this new fiction: Simona Brown; 26 years old plays the role of Louise. Tom Bateman plays David and Eve Hewton plays his wife, Adele.

When the book came out in 2017, the end of it caused a stir! Indeed, Sarah Pinborough’s book has become famous for its improbable ending.

Without spoiling you too much at the end, Netflix’s new miniseries follows the same pattern. Indeed, the end will leave you speechless. Enough to relaunch the hashtag #WTFThatEnding (What is that ending)! Discover My friend Adèle on the platform without further delay!