Netflix: Movies to watch with your family at Christmas!


If you did not know what to do with your family for Christmas, know that several possibilities are offered by Netflix

At 3 days before Christmas Eve, everything begins to accelerate. We don’t know if we have had enough food for the whole family. If the children are going to be filled with their gifts, or if we are going to be able to meet again because of the Covid-19 … But another problem exists: what are we going to be able to watch as a family during this magical period? Fortunately Netflix exists.

Indeed, the streaming platform often comes out of beautiful thorns of the foot to some. It did not fail on this subject. Because yes, if you didn’t know what you might be seeing with your children, the site has several perfect movies and cartoons for the occasion.

It was our colleagues in Allociné who shared the list in question inspired by Netflix. Well, as you will be able to see, there will be something for everyone.

From the oldest film to the most recent. From a funny story to a sadder one. But before revealing the list in question to you, know that Robin Williams remains present twice in this list.

To believe that the late actor is perfect in his roles for this Christmas period according to Netflix.


You will probably already know which films we are going to talk about. Since this is a period mainly reserved for the youngest. We therefore need films having a link with certain tales and with magic.

That’s why Allociné offers to watch Hook, in which Robin Williams stars as Peter Pan. But also Jumanji, the famous movie in which the actor remains locked in a crazy game for several years. Both are available on Netflix.

For the rest, know that you should also see Kung-Fu Panda, The Little Princess, Max and the Wilds or the journey of Chichiro.

With this list of films on Netflix, you should fill your children, your family, but also you. Indeed, these are very successful films that are always good to see and watch again.


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