Netflix Movie: Project Power [Review]


We take a closer look at Netflix’s superhero-themed action movie The Project Power. Featuring important names such as Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the movie is like the repetition of many movies we are used to seeing so far.

Netflix has started shooting different superhero movies from the mainstream in recent years. In this category, which we can call alternative superhero movies, we have seen films like Bright, where organists are police officers, and The Old Guard, which is about the adventure of a group of immortal people. Netflix’s last movie in this category, Project Power, which impresses with its visual effects, was released on August 14th.

Project Power stands out with its players more than its content. We see Jamie Foxx, known for his movie Unchained (Django: Unchaned), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who made his name with movies such as The Beginning, Don Jon and Snowden, in the lead roles. While these two quality actors and visual effects are the main elements that carry the film, there are not many good things to say for the quality of the other elements such as script and editing. Let’s take a closer look at the Project Power movie.

Netflix movie Project Power:

Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Genre: Science Fiction, Action
Cast: Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback, Machine Gun Kelly, Rodrigo Santoro, Casey Neistat

Rumors of a mysterious pill spread through the streets of New Orleans. Different superpowers emerge in those who use the pill. However, nobody knows what will happen until they take the pill. As crime rates soar in the area, an ambitious police officer takes action with his former major.

You can’t fill the gaps in the story by rap:

Robin, an amateur rap artist, who tries to pay for medicine by doing illegal work because her mother is diabetes, is at the center of the story. Even so, we care about him throughout the film, we cannot take him seriously. Our daughter, who has the potential to be able to rap at any moment, on the other hand, is making the audience experience a moral war within herself, as she does illegal work.

We also watched Robin perform rap music multiple times in the movie and at some point he started fainting. While thinking that it was a nice touch in the first, now the third is “I wonder if Killa did a duet with Hakan?” we thought. We think it’s perfect for Fight Club. We couldn’t feel the emotional bond that should have been with Robin’s mother. Their relationship was both left in a void and not reinforced by a retrospective scene.

The bilateral relationship between the characters is completely haphazardly written and left in the air:

Robin’s father opened the portal and disappeared or “Miss, I’m going to get milk.” did not come back again, so we have no information about it? If there were only a gap between Robin and his mother, it could be ignored. However, the scenario generally has a shortcoming in this regard.

We couldn’t figure out the motivation of the police officer, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, either. Where does this passion come from? He constantly wants to catch someone and takes power pills from Robin to do his job well. Since there is no connection between the character and the audience, you say that after a while, you are confused and accept the situation. Since his infrastructure and background are not mentioned at all, he remains in mind only as a disoriented police officer.

Another important character, Art, has an extremely relaxed attitude. While a person whose daughter has been kidnapped should be depressed and angry, Art is pretty loose. The audience does not feel anything in the finale, as the relationship between her and her daughter is also not woven. The finale is totally cliché. If we divide the movie into two; Although the first half is far from cliché, the second half is fed by clichés.

Project Power is a movie with a lot of potential as an idea. It brings the movie Limitless straight to mind. Both films feature pills that have extraordinary effects on people. The movie Limitless also has a detective series set in the same universe. It wouldn’t be bad if Netflix took this as an example and made a detective series with the same story. Maybe if they wanted a serial script instead of a movie, it could have been a project that was better reinforced and with a better infrastructure.

Good casting, but the characters are below mediocre:

It is debated how to give less screen time to an actor like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but it was good to watch him in a movie years later. The experienced actor we watched in the last Snowden movie has overcome his role this time. It is difficult to adapt to every character he plays and not to grin in that role.

Jamie Foxx talked about his acting with his screen charisma and the little details he added to the character. Jamie Foxx, who has a little more screen time than his co-star, made good use of that time. Although not enough to carry the movie, it did not compromise on the quality of its name.

It’s a superhero-themed action movie, but the action scene is very few:

The color palette and cinematography of the film are very good. Kill the valiant, don’t eat your right. Symmetrical shots and the use of vibrant color added a new dimension to the film and made it feel like Wes Anderson was watching the movie. The directors also did a good job. Despite such a troubled scenario, they made an enjoyable movie that flowed like water.

Although it is an action movie, there are not many action scenes. The action scenes that happen are sacrificed for an innovative camera angle. There is a fight scene shot through the glass that makes the fight choreography watch halfway through. Since this scene is designed to watch two different events at the same time, a different path is followed. Although the use of cameras divides the audience into two, such shots are needed in cinema.

Project Power’s visual effects are way above an average Netflix movie. We can say that most of the budget is devoted to visual effects and we can attribute the lack of action to this. The special powers given by the power pill are well demonstrated. It officially filled the eye. We missed watching effects like this. Nobody wants to see grinning effects anymore.

Project Power is proof that the script is everything:

This movie proves to us – even if everything else is good – when the script is written badly, the movie also gets worse. I wish our screenwriter Mattson Tomlin had taken a few of the pills in the movie, but hadn’t written such a script. We hope we don’t see a script like this in The Batman movie.

Project Power is a movie you can watch mainly for killing time or for visual effects. If you enjoy this kind of action movie, watch it, but if it’s the opposite, don’t give it a chance.


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