Netflix May Start Offering Weekly Animes Soon


If before anime fans lamented Netflix‘s slowness to release genre content on the platform, now it seems that this is finally changing. The company is increasingly standing out in streaming anime and should intensify the frequency of episodes soon.

Currently, Netflix already has a large catalog of licensed and exclusive animes within the platform, and a new title is on the way: Blue Period will be on the air much sooner than expected by fans. The anime will release weekly episodes — which will allow you to follow the episodes as they are televised in Japan.

According to the update, Blue Period will debut on October 1st on Japanese television. On Netflix Japan, the premiere is scheduled for September 25th, with episodes released weekly.

Netflix has stated that, in foreign territories, releases should proceed the same way, with episodes beginning to air in the United States on October 9th — and subsequent episodes will be broadcast weekly.

Blue Period News

The anime Blue Period confirmed the artists of their theme song: Omoinotake will handle the opening with “EVERBLUE”, under the supervision of Mol-74, who will release the single “Replica” for the Kodansha series.

For those who do not know the manga Blue Period, by Tsubasa Yamaguchi, it is a series that debuted in June 2017 and has already won several awards. The title is still in progress and tells the story of Yatora, a perfect high school student, who gets good grades and has many friends.

Everything changes in the protagonist’s life when he enters the college’s art room and a solitary painting catches his eye, awakening him to a kind of beauty he has never known. Compelled and consumed, he dives in and is about to learn how wild and unforgiving art can be.

Did you like the change in anime releases? Will Netflix do this with every anime or is it just testing the strategy? Let us know in the comments!


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