Netflix May Partner With PlayStation


Netflix may partner with PlayStation. Evidence has emerged that Netflix can enter the game industry with the partnership of Sony PlayStation after the movie and series industry.

A source close to the Netflix app has suggested that it has revealed some PlayStation footage and that there may be some kind of partnership between the companies.

Famous forecaster Steve Moser shared on Twitter that he found images related to PlayStation products in the code of Netflix iOS application and shared the necessary evidence. The images revealed images of the DualSense controllers and a rendering of the Ghost of Tsushima and Moser game, along with a logo that reads ‘N Game’ and a shark fin icon.

Netflix can also be thrown into the game world

According to Moser, ‘Shark’ is the codename for Netflix game project, and together they suggest these footage could potentially be indicative of a partnership with Sony. However, the purpose of such a partnership and what it will do is not yet clear.

What Moser found came along with a recent Bloomberg report that said Netflix could expand beyond television and film to add games to its catalog within the next year, hiring former EA and Facebook executive Mike Verdu for the role. It will appear as its own content types, such as games and documentaries, according to Bloomberg.

In addition, Netflix previously included productions targeting the gaming industry. The presence of Bandersnatch and similar content confirms this idea.

In this context, Netflix will hire a director and this person is expected to improve the gaming experience on the Netflix platform.

Let us remind you that Netflix and Sony may already have something to do with these images and there may be a relationship between them. Earlier this year, Netflix and Sony Pictures Entertainment even struck a deal that would allow Sony’s movies to only come to the streaming platform when they’re ready to be released in the US for the first time from 2022. This includes the upcoming Uncharted movie, and we could even potentially include a movie adaptation of Chad Stahelski’s Ghost of Tsushima.

While this evidence is exceedingly interesting, at the moment, Netflix’s plans for the game remain extremely unclear. Therefore, it is a theoretical thought that does not all pass into a field of action. Bloomberg’s report states that Netflix has yet to decide on a game development strategy. For this reason, we may have to wait for what these thoughts will turn out to be and where they will go.


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