Netflix makes video in honor of International Women’s Day


Last Thursday (4), Netflix posted a tribute to International Women’s Day on its YouTube channel. The commemorative video celebrates the milestones of several female characters throughout the history of cinema, since the 1930s. In addition, the giant streaming platform has also created a selection of works related to the theme.

In its first seconds, the video highlights the first kiss between women in a film for the general public, recorded in the film “Morocco” by Josef von Sternberg, in 1930. Ahead, the first appearance of a black woman with natural hair is shown in American television network, Cicely Tyson – also being the first African American to receive an Honorary Oscar in 2018.

Similarly, there are also highlights for female figures outside the cinema, such as the celebrated milestones of the first appearance of a pregnant comedian on American television in 1967 and the first pregnant comedian to have her own special on Netflix in 2016. Among other feats , the video ends by celebrating the largest female presence in the entertainment industry and the subsequent opportunities generated.

As in the last year, Netflix also promoted a special selection to celebrate International Women’s Day, containing several works, among films and series, with the female presence. You can participate in the event by clicking here.


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