Netflix has lost half of its cinema catalog!


Netflix’s notoriety is enough to make it jealous of many. Some companies have decided to remedy this by creating their own streaming platform. In the face of big new competitors, Netflix had to give up some of its resources.

Toudoum! Who does not know the soundtrack of Netflix? With more than 150 million users from 190 countries around the world, you know it inevitably. The world’s first pay-per-view platform, Netflix has won the hearts of movie and TV fans. A craze like the American firm reached nearly $ 16 billion in sales last year. What to envy!

Amazon and Disney have grasped the economic challenge of streaming. The world of cinema has become a real business that pays big. So have been launched Prime Video, Disney + or even HBO max. These new streaming platforms are a hit! The competition is already felt for Netflix …

These new on-demand movies and shows have become big competitors for Netflix. Indeed, the famous platform now offers only 3,849 films, against 6,494 in 2014. A drop of nearly 50%! Indeed, broadcasting rights can not be attributed to all firms. These last then come out their assets to be able to propose the best possible catalog. The competition is tough and they want to attract customers.

Netflix must redouble its efforts to not lose as many subscribers as movies. He plays the card of originality. It tries to stand out by adding new films or investing in the creation of original content. It’s a great success: 13 Reasons Why or You have conquered the web! New series are also on the way.


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