Netflix Lets You Remove Titles From ‘Continue Watching’ List


Netflix‘s catalog of series and movies is really gigantic and users like to make the most of it, watching several productions at the same time.

However, a very common problem on the streaming platform was the titles in the “continue watching” list, which could not be removed and always ended up in the same space.

Thus, the platform has added a new feature that now gives the possibility to change the list manually. Check out more details of the change below!

Users can now manually change the “continue watching” list on Netflix

If you like to watch several series and movies in the same period on Netflix, you must have been bothered by that title always present on your “continue watching” list, even if you were just missing the credits for the end of the work.

Now, the streaming platform has added a tool that allows you to manually remove any movie or series from this list and is now available in all versions of the application.

To do this, simply select the title you want to remove from the section, scroll down in search of the list of options and click on “remove from continuing watching” or click on the three dots of the work in the mobile application and select the same option.

Thus, you can have more control over which titles will appear on your list, which was not possible in the past, as movies and series were only removed from the place when new works were added.

Although not a big change to the dynamics of the platform, this feature can greatly help those who like to organize their list to continue taking advantage of this vast catalog.

Now, just enter the mobile, TV or computer app and use the tool!