Netflix Launches Tudum, Site Dedicated To Movie And Series News


Netflix: What used to be a global pop culture event has now become a website with news about TV series and movies: on Thursday (9) Netflix launched Tudum, the official page where users of the streaming service can “find and feed his fandom for the shows and movies he loves.” Now, it will be possible to read, in one place, the stories behind the stories of Netflix, with the right to behind-the-scenes videos and details about the cast and characters.

Tudum was born out of Netflix’s perception that in order to “dive deeper into the stories it loves,” its users had to turn to other sites. So it decided to launch a venue for fans to meet, the same concept behind September’s global event. The site will feature interviews, cast analysis, content information, news, trends and even exclusive details about new productions.


Tudum, which is that sound users hear when they play on the platform, reflects the success of the eponymous global virtual event that brought together in September a series of conversations with the showrunners and stars of Netflix’s most popular titles. Soon, the questions rolled: “Has the Berlin of the Paper House really died?”, “where is that bakery where Emily buys delicacies in Paris?”, “Has Ozark been renovated?”.

It was to answer these and other questions that Tudum was created. According to the marketing director of Netflix, Bozoma Saint John, an avowedly passionate about pop culture, the idea of ​​the new site, still in its initial stages, is for the fan to “get inside, deepen and prolong the story”.

Tudum is accessible worldwide, but only in English for now. It’s still unclear whether Netflix plans to release it in other languages. And for those who asked, Ozark returns on January 21st.