Netflix launches cheaper plan focused on phones in India


Netflix is testing a new subscription plan in India. The most recent alternative of the streaming service in the country is a mobile plan that allows the consumption of HD content.

Typically, India is a country that receives first tests from the company – including the free offering of episodes and the original mobile subscription plan, which allows the consumption of content only on the smartphone or tablet. Who discovered the novelty was the Android Pure website.

This modality already in progress, however, limits the resolution of the content to 480p (SD) to the monthly price of 199 rupees – about R $ 14.20 in direct currency conversion. The new Mobile + plan releases 720p quality (HD) for 349 rupees (approximately R $ 25) and still allows viewing on computer screens. The screen limitation follows one device at a time.

The Netflix side

“We launched the mobile plan in India to make it easy for anyone with a cell phone to enjoy Netflix. We want to see if subscribers like this additional choice that the offer brings. We will only expand this in the long term if so,” said the spokesman. company to Android Pure

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