Netflix: Korean Movies And Series That Debut In 2022


Netflix: In recent years, several South Korean productions have gained the global spotlight and achieved important achievements. This is the case with the movie Parasite (2019), which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2020, and Round 6 (2021), a series known for breaking all Netflix audience records.

Also for this reason, the streaming platform in question began to invest even more in content from the Asian country. In January, for example, All of Us Are Dead debuted in the catalog, achieving a favorable position in the Top 10 of the platform in several countries.

Below, therefore, you can see a full list of Korean movies and series coming to Netflix in 2022. Enjoy!

Korean series on Netflix

Over the next few months, Netflix plans to release the Business Proposal, The Sound of Magic, Remarriage & Desires, A Model Family, The Fabulous, Glitch, Love to Hate You and Black Knight series. But there are also other highlights on the list of premieres scheduled for 2022, such as:

Juvenile Justice
Don Kang, vice president of original content for Netflix in South Korea, said he was excited about all the investments made in the country through the streaming giant. In this context, one of the most anticipated series this year is Juvenile Justice (Juvenile Justice, in literal translation), which had its episodes directed by Hong Jong-chan.

In the criminal plot, a judge has to deal with a very interesting moral dilemma, especially since she has to face several social problems of vulnerable young people. For now, the premiere date has not been announced.

Twenty Five, Twenty One
Another series that caught the attention of subscribers because of its teasers also has young people as protagonists. Topics such as first love, first time, first job and coming of age will be addressed in the production starring Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Ji Yeon, Choi Hyun Wook and Lee Ju Myung. The premiere is scheduled for February 12.

Forecasting Love and Weather

In this romantic comedy, the routine of the employees of the South Korean Meteorological Station is approached in a different way. In the narrative, Jin Ha-kyung doesn’t want to develop any kind of romantic relationship with any officemate, but everything could change with the arrival of Lee Si-woo. K-Drama also hits the catalog on February 12.

Thirty Nine
K-Drama fans will be very well served in 2022 as Thirty Nine seems to be everything they’ve asked for. In the plot, three childhood friends have to deal with several conflicts of adult life, while falling in love and having varied routines in the midst of their respective jobs. At a certain point in the story, there is also something shocking that could mark them forever. Episodes will begin shipping on February 16.

In this series full of electrifying conflicts, supernatural beings come to Earth to try to prevent some innocent people from dying unjustly. However, his usual job was to escort all souls towards Heaven or Hell. During the group’s mission, a man ends up getting involved with all these people in an unexpected way. Fantasy drama can win over subscribers who have already checked out Prophecy from Hell, for example.