Netflix: John Boyega Denies Rumors He Abandoned Film


Netflix: Recently, the advisers of John Boyega, famous for the new Star Wars trilogy, denied the rumors that have been circulating on several news portals about the actor being absent from the film set of Rebel Ridge, on Netflix, without informing any of the producers.

According to the first reports, released at the beginning of June, the artist would have fled the production due to family problems. The information collected also guaranteed that there was no problem with the Netflix film, which is a sequel to the feature Hold the Dark, from 2018.

However, the most recent rumors indicate that Boyega was dissatisfied with the production and for that reason ended up leaving the filming set without informing anyone.

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According to IndieWire, at least one source associated with the film’s producers said that John Boyega left the production without any satisfaction because he had problems accepting some sequences from the script and also didn’t like the accommodations offered by the directors in the state of Louisiana.

The site further learned that even Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, would have been involved in the matter to resolve the issues and keep the actor comfortable during the film’s development. However, Femi Oguns, Boyega’s agent, refuted the allegations, saying in a note that her client was involved in personal complications.

“I can categorically state that these rumors are completely false. People often form their opinions based on boredom. As stated earlier, John [Boyega] had to go away for family reasons that, in fact, are none of anyone’s business except him,” said Oguns.

“Together at Netflix, the two have a wonderful relationship that will continue to grow mutually in the coming years, whether through their performance or through [the actor’s producer] UpperRoom,” he concluded.

Unfortunately, this is not the first problem facing Rebel Ridge. Practical work with the film was interrupted, initially, by the coronavirus pandemic, and postponed several times. There are still few details about the plot. For now, Netflix has not commented on the matter.