Netflix: Is “Who Can Save” interactive movie really worth it?


How much is the interactive film “Save Who Can”, which tells the fate of explorer Bear Grylls, worth? It is one of the most popular movies around. Save Who Can, broadcast on Netflix, is a real success across the Atlantic.

In this new genre of feature film, it’s up to viewers to decide the future of adventurer Bear Grylls. Like a modern-day Dora the Explorer, it is the viewers who help the young man navigate the jungle.

“When the electrified fence at a wildlife park breaks down, Bear Grylls comes to the rescue. The situation is critical and he needs your help: a lion is heading towards the nearby village, a gorilla approaches dangerously close to a cliff and other animals threaten to escape until the power is restored. ! “Netflix writes as a teasing.

Bear Grylls therefore gives you the choice of weapons to help the Explorer avoid getting eaten. There are three solutions available to you to do this.

After a thrilling first season, Netflix has uploaded the sequel to Bear Grylls’ adventures in Save Who Can. And Internet users are almost unanimous.

For this new season, Bear Grylls has set out to take on the wilderness in the Netflix movie, Save Who Can, and he brought his on-board camera so you can dive deep into the harsh nature. And rave reviews have been raining down on Twitter since the event’s release.

Netflix’s “Save Who Can” Interactive Movie Really Worth It


For this new adventure, the one we compare to Mike Horn, has done well. Netflix has therefore dedicated a special format to it within its platform.

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The goal of Sauve qui peut is therefore to involve the public, in order to help our hero get out of a very dangerous situation. So it will take some logic to help Beaar Grylls as best as possible.

The immersive experience therefore seems to appeal to Internet users. On Twitter, the first opinions are rather very good, the tweeters therefore seem fans of the American concept.

“Wow Save who can, it gave me a cold sweat. But that’s too good, I was stuck in it “,” wow I thought I was going to die seeing Sauve qui peut, that’s scary. But it’s so well done, I recommend it “,” Save who can, it looks like Dora the Explorer for the grown-ups with the kiff (sic) interaction, “we read on Twitter.

If you are a fan of nature, adventure and thrills, this digital feature film is for you. We advise you to watch this Netflix movie with all your friends.

With the curfew enforced, you can watch Sauve qui Can from a distance. And why not comment on the interactive film via Zoom. The film, which lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes for all audiences, can however offend the sensibilities of the youngest.


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