Netflix: Is The Elisa Lam Case Documentary Worth A Visit?

This is the show everyone is talking about. Available on Netflix since February 10, the Elisa Lam affair is talking. Is it worth the detour?

For a few days now, Internet users have only been talking about this Netflix documentary series, La Disparue du Cecil Hotel. The series therefore focuses on the Elisa Lam affair.

Remember. In February 2013, the body of a young Canadian of Hong Kong origin was found in a hotel in Los Angeles.

His death was highly publicized at the time. Because it occurred in a hotel well known by the locals. This is therefore the Cecil Hotel. A place known for Elizabeth Short or Goldie Osgood. The Woman with the Pigeon in Pershing Square.

The Netflix documentary is divided into four parts. The case caught media attention around the world. The disappearance of the young woman was therefore abrupt.

In February 2013, a video of his disappearance toured the world. She has become one of the weirdest dumps on the internet.

In the pictures, the young woman is frightened by something mystical. Looks like she saw something and couldn’t escape him.

In the video, which Neflix unveiled for the documentary, Elisa Lam wears a red hoodie. The 21-year-old at the time of her disappearance, the young woman has become the object of all curiosities.


The Netflix documentary is one of the most commented on today. Many mysteries still hover around this dark story.

Proof of its success, the news item has therefore inspired many film directors in Hollywood. Ryan Murphy therefore drew inspiration from the story for Season 5 of his series, American Horror Story. Just that.

The documentary therefore dissects the drama so that we can find clear answers about what happened. Each scene is therefore scrutinized and it will make you think about this disappearance which makes a lot of talk on the web. And you are not at the end of your surprises …

The experts who have thus agreed to testify present their hypotheses, trying to accurately trace the last moments of Elisa Lam. Thanks to the work of Joe Berlinger and other testimonies, the series therefore attempts to get its hands on one of the most disturbing disappearances of the last ten years.

Viewers will learn more about the Cecil Hotel, which still holds many mysteries. The latter, located in Downton LA. The artsy district of suburban Los Angeles. It therefore still contains many secrets …

Suspense, drama. Mystery, satanist plots … You will not want to take your eyes off the screen as the documentary, cut into four parts is so striking. So you know what to watch tonight on Netflix …



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