Netflix is teaming up with the Cinémathèque française


Netflix is ​​helping the Cinémathèque française! The platform will indeed help restore a film dating from 1927!

Netflix is ​​therefore not always in the novel! While the platform has revolutionized habits at home, it also intends to help the cinema … It is therefore teaming up with the Cinémathèque française to restore a 1927 film!

A French film will therefore have the chance to rediscover colors… but not the word. And for good reason, it is a silent film: Napoleon, directed by Abel Gance. But the work may take time …

Because restoring old movies already takes a lot of time. But this Napoleon there risks taking a little more … Because the film lasts more than 7 hours! Netflix is ​​thus launching major maneuvers to help the cinema.

This is indeed a first for the platform. But it intends to continue its momentum. The goal: to succeed in restoring several old films in order to safeguard the French heritage… a noble cause.

The French Cinematheque is therefore delighted with this partnership signed with the giant from the USA. First in line, therefore: Napoleon. But Netflix is ​​attacking a giant, already restored several times …


So what remains to be seen is the version restored by the firm … And also the other films that it proposes to help protect. The Cinémathèque française, represented by Frédérique Bonnaud, welcomes this help.

The general manager thus seems full of hope. “We are convinced that this major project is the start of a successful partnership with Netflix. ”

The restoration of “this great masterpiece of world cinema” should also arrive on time for the 200th anniversary of the Emperor’s death on May 5, 2021. The opportunity, therefore, to postpone the film at the top of the poster.

With “the notable help of a private patron and the contribution of the Fondation Napoléon”, the Cinémathèque française intends to put a film shot 100 years ago back on its feet. Why not play it on Netflix?


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