Netflix is making fun of the first images of “Sky Rojo”!


In a few weeks, Netflix will be streaming the Sky Rojo series. The creator of La Casa de Papel will make a remarkable comeback.

The creator of La Casa de Papel will make a very noticed return on Netflix. The channel is about to release a new series called Sky Rojo. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Álex Pina returns with a new Netflix series. A few years ago, Netflix fans got to see the La Casa de Papel series. It highlights a team of robbers attacking the Bank of Spain. Fans await Season 5, which will mark the end of the character story.

Since the first season of La Casa de Papel on the channel, the Spanish series have been a big success. So the fans were able to follow Elite and everyone is hoping to see Season 4 very soon. Alex Pina has become one of the channel’s flagship showrunners and everything he touches turns to gold.

Thus, Álex Pina has just signed his third collab with Netflix. After La Casa de Papel and White Lines, the channel will release the Sky Rojo series on March 19. We can already expect a huge success as the new show will not lack action and will shake the public more than ever.

In Sky Rojo, fans can follow the story of three young prostitutes who try to run away from their pimp. They will have to face many dangers and man will do anything to kill them. Thus, the public will be able to look into the world of prostitution and this already holds great intrigues.


To give a little preview, Netflix released a first trailer for Sky Rojo. We can meet the three women named Coral (Veronica Sanchez), Wendy (Lali Exposito) and Gina (Yani Prado). The latter will want to be sexy although very dangerous!

The first images promise to be very colorful and as with La Casa de Papel, the public will be entitled to some very beautiful music. The trailer features plenty of brawls, so fans shouldn’t get bored. In fact, as Allociné echoes, the three girls’ road trip will be reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s film Thelma and Louise.

Nevertheless, Álex Pina could also have taken inspiration from Tarantino for his new Netflix series. As our colleagues point out, the first images completely enter the mind of the director. In any case, it looks very promising and La Casa de Papel fans are sure to see the first season.

Finally, for its launch, Sky Rojo will contain only 8 episodes which should last 25 minutes each. However, do not panic, the channel seems to have already renewed the series for a season 2. Álex Pina should therefore soon start filming with perhaps many more episodes in the pipeline.


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