Netflix is launching a huge challenge for the year 2021!


The Netflix streaming platform is launching a new challenge for its subscribers in 2021! We’ll give you more details.

Netflix is ​​launching a great challenge to its subscribers for this new year!

The streaming giant saved our long days of confinement in 2020. Yes! Indeed, Netflix subscribers were able to take advantage of the streaming platform’s very diverse catalog to keep busy.

It must be said that there is something for everyone, something to find true happiness! In fact, among the many features of Netflix, we all know this “add to my list” button that allows us to save a program to watch it later.

Indeed when we take a look at this famous list, for some, it is quite full! And that, the streaming giant seems to suspect.

So for this new year which begins, the platform of films and series offers its subscribers an interesting challenge to take up! We tell you more.


Thus, Netflix reached out to its subscribers on its official Instagram account to offer them a new challenge. “Resolution 2021: look at our list” can we read on the publication of the French account of the platform.

Here’s an idea ! Because yes, we hurry to add the programs to our list to find them more easily, but do we take the time to watch them later? Not so sure ! Eh yes.

So if you don’t know what to watch, you will surely find inspiration in your famous list of saved programs! After all, you saved them for a reason!

On his Instagram account, Netflix still wants to add that the true resolution of 2021 and to enjoy every moment. Besides, we think that’s the lesson we all learned from the previous year. Eh yes !

In all, it will be necessary to hurry to finish his list before the platform reveals its novelties to us. Because the year 2021 promises to be explosive! Stay tuned, up close.


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