Netflix is about to choose TV series over its subscribers!


Having trouble choosing your programs on Netflix? The platform will help you: a “shuffle” button should choose your series!

Easy, simple, effective but usual: Netflix knows us! The platform begins to know when its subscribers watch the same program for the thousandth time… It will therefore try to choose the series for them!

It is indeed a basic gesture: look for a new program, hesitate and scroll for half an hour … And go back to one of the series that we already know by heart. But the platform is trying to fight against that.

She therefore intends to set up a random reading. A “shuffle” button could thus be added to the Netflix home page. By clicking on it, you should therefore come across a tailor-made series …

Because the platform analyzes your consumption of series, films, docuses… It therefore has the power to find programs which are as close as possible to your habits. But that change this time!

“We tested a feature. It allows subscribers to choose to watch a title that has been chosen for them right away, ”explains the CEO in a document published this week.


“The feedback has been positive, can we also read in the press release. And so we hope to deploy this function around the world in the first half of 2021. “Soon the end of the galley, then!

It remains to be seen what this random reading will change. Because Netflix already has a function not so distant, “since you watched”! The platform already offers programs depending on the person …

It will therefore be necessary to know how far the creators have pushed their algorithms to help fans choose without worry. Especially since there are more and more of them: more than 200 million, a record!

Before May 2021, subscribers should therefore find something quite useful and funny on their reception: a random reading. Netflix knows your tastes, and intends to prove it to you!


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