Netflix and Instagram launch series of lives on mental health


Netflix and Instagram have partnered to launch Wanna Talk About It ?, a weekly series in live format. The announcement was revealed on Wednesday (08) in the official account of the United States’ streaming service and will feature several stars from the platform’s attractions to discuss personal care issues during the coronavirus pandemic.

The videos will be released every Thursday, starting on April 9th. Each actor will conduct an interview with medical experts in the mental health field, with the aim of guiding the public on the challenges of social isolation.

Thus, the issues addressed will address issues such as: difficulty sleeping, how to stay connected during the distance period, how to deal with anxiety and what personal care really means. Check out the trailer!

Among the stars who will present the videos are: Noah Centineo (The Perfect Date), Joey King (The Kissing Booth), Caleb McLaughlin (Stranger Things), Ross Butler (The 13 Whys), Lana Condor (For All the Boys Who I’ve loved it), Jerry Harris (Cheer) and Alisha Boe (The 13 Whys).

In this context, experts from several organizations will participate, such as: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Mental Health America, The Trevor Project, Crisis Text Line and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The first episode will have a chat between Centineo and Dr. Ken Duckworth, head of the NAMI medical office. The next editions will continue until May 14, on Instagram from Netflix in the United States.


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