Netflix: How Much Will The Price Increase For Those Who Share Password?


Netflix: Last Wednesday (16), Netflix announced a trial to tax subscribers who share their passwords with third parties. With the change, therefore, the holders of the main accounts will pay an additional amount for each new profile that has access to the login and does not live at the registered address.

The update will initially arrive for subscribers in three countries — Chile, Peru and Costa Rica — and could be expanded to other parts of the world if it proves to be positive for the company.

Netflix’s official website disclosed the value of additional fees in each country: 2,380 CLP in Chile, 7.9 PEN in Peru and USD 2.99 in Costa Rica; all amounts are equivalent to around R$ 15, in the current conversion.

Chile: 2,380 CLP
Peru: 7.9 PEN
Costa Rica: $2.99