Netflix, home office until employees are vaccinated


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told The Wall Street Journal that his employees will only return to the company’s offices after most of them are already vaccinated. Until that happens, the company will follow the home office regime.

During the interview, the businessman stated that the remote work presented only negative points for the streaming platform, especially when it comes to contracts or international meetings.

The statement goes against other large companies that, even after the pandemic, intend to keep the home office in their routines.

The streaming platform’s CEO made it clear that business activities will return to normal as soon as possible – about 6 months after vaccine approval, according to his prediction.

With this deadline, the businessman believes that most of his employees will already be protected against covid-19 and will be able to work safely.

Companies like Facebook and Google took similar stances, establishing July 2021 as the final month for remote activities. Amazon and Microsoft, on the other hand, have less strict deadlines: both will maintain the home office until at least January next year.

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